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This meeting will provide a number of tools to make a well-informed choice from one of the Global Student Conferences or a Summer programme abroad.

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Date 13 February 2018
Time 13:00 - 15:00
Photo: Merve Acikgoz

Summer abroad

If you do not want to study abroad for a semester or a full year, a summer course abroad - during a couple of weeks - may be a suitable option for you. Summer courses are more than language programmes, and are organised for multiple disciplines. Almost all universities abroad offer summer courses.

Student conference: meet students from different countries

If studying abroad for a semester or a few weeks is too long, an international student conference could be a solution to enrich your resume. This is a great opportunity to meet students from all sorts of countries and in a variety of disciplines, in just a few days. You can practise specific skills, like networking, presenting your ideas and debating. All in an international setting.

Date, time and location

This information session is on

  • Tuesday, 13 Feburary 2018,  13:00-15:00, in REC-C1.03