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Practical matters

Grants and funds at the University of Amsterdam

The UvA offers the following financial support to students who are going to study abroad.

Erasmus grant

Students participating in an Erasmus programme are eligible for a special grant. The exact amount depends on the duration of your stay and your destination.You can obtain a grant for a minimum of three months and a maximum of 12 months. The grant is from 150 to 250 euros per month depending upon destination.

Additional grant for students with special needs

Students with a disability are able to apply for an additional Erasmus grant. This grant intends to meet the additional costs which come from studying abroad such as sign language interpreter, wheelchair accessible accommodation, additional medical expenses. 


Nuffic - study abroad with a disabilitiy (in Dutch only)


Receiving your student grant while abroad

Students with another nationality than the Dutch nationality, who qualify for the Dutch study grant (Studiefinanciering) due to employment (working hours and work contract), are not able to meet the employment requirement during the stay abroad and will therefore not be able to receive this grant during their study abroad period.

For more information on this please contact DUO (link below) directly. Also, it will be difficult to apply for scholarships and funds, as for most Dutch scholarships you will need the Dutch nationality and for scholarships in your home country you will need to be enrolled in an university there as well.

One of the few funds you may apply for is the Amsterdam University Fund, you will find information on this fund below.

Website DUO (in English)

Amsterdam University Fund

The Amsterdam University Fund manages a number of funds for which students can make a financial request. See the Amsterdam University Fund website for more information. There are grants available for both individual trips and group trips, on the condition that these are organized by and for UvA students. There are strict deadlines throughout the year.

Website Amsterdam University Fund

Horizon Fund

Only for students of the faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities considers it important that students receive international exposure whilst studying, and has therefore created the Horizon fund for this very purpose. As student of the faculty of Humanities, you can apply for a grant from the Horizon fund to help you study abroad for academic purposes.


  • You are enrolled at the University of Amsterdam, faculty of Humanities, as full time student.
  • Your trip abroad has a clear academic purpose and is beneficial for your study
  • You have obtained at least 60 EC in higher education (by the time of your departure)
  • You do not receive any grants or funds from the European Union (such as the Erasmus grant) while abroad.

Application deadlines

There are three application deadlines per year: 15 January, 15 June and 15 October. Applications should always be submitted in the same academic year in which the foreign study trip will take place.

Factsheet Horizon fund

Application Horizon fund (For Humanities only)

Internationalisation Fund Psychology

Only for Psychology students

The Internationalisation Fund Psychology is a compensation for expenses made for travel and accommodation abroad.  Students in a study programme in Psychology can apply for this fund when they’re going abroad for:

  • Study
  • Internship
  • Research
  • Summer school or winter school

Requirements (among other things):

  • During your time abroad you’re registered as a fulltime student at the UvA, in a programme of the College/ Graduate School of Psychology;
  • You’re going abroad for at least 4 weeks;
  • You can demonstrate that your stay abroad has an academic component and added value for your studies here;
  • Your stay abroad is approved for your programme (Int. Office, internship supervisor or master coordinator);
  • You do not receive an Erasmus+ grant for this study period abroad.


Applications can be submitted all year, until at least 2 months before departure.

Application Internationalisation Fund Psychology (For Psychology only)

Grants for summer schools

A number of UvA partner universities organize summer and winter schools. You can find an overview of the available grants and discounts on the BIS website (link below).

A number of countries offer grants for summer courses via a so-called Cultural Treaty, such as Czech Republic, Denmark and Norway. The application deadline usually occurs between 1 January and 1 April.

Global Short Term Programme

Office of International Student Affairs (BIS)