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Financial assistance from the Dutch government

and other governments

On this page you will find an overview of financial support of the Dutch government and other governments.

Dutch student grant (Studiefinanciering) while abroad

Without the Dutch nationality, it will be difficult to apply for scholarships and funds.

  • For most Dutch scholarships you will need the Dutch nationality. (One of the few funds you may apply for may be the Amsterdam University Fund.)
  • If you receive the Dutch study grant (Studiefinanciering) as a non-Dutch student due to employment (working hours and work contract), you will not be able to receive this grant during your study abroad period (as you are not able to meet the employment requirement during the stay abroad). For more information on this please contact DUO directly.
  • Ambafrance (France)

    The French embassy and other companies (Total, Accor, KLM-Air France) annually offer grants that are meant for MA students and PhD candidates planning to reside in France for at least one academic year. The grants are open to all disciplines.

  • Cirius (Denmark)

    The Danish government makes grants available to students who would like to do a part or complete study in Denmark. There are also grants available for summer programmes and Danish language courses.

  • Cultural Treaty Grants (Bilateral Agreement Grants)

     Cultural Treaty Grants are bilateral agreements between the Dutch state and other foreign governments. Agreements have been reached concerning grants for summer courses, language courses and complete MA programmes. Concluded with a large number of countries, these grants are meant for students, researchers and (recent) graduates.

    The grant total varies per country. In most cases you are exempted from paying tuition fees while abroad and are partly reimbursed for your travel expenses. In a number of cases, your accommodation is arranged for you. However, keep in mind that the grant can have repercussions for your student grant (basisbeurs) because additional funding is considered as an alternative source of funding.

    For an overview of the grants and information about the terms and conditions, as well as the application process, see the website below. The application process can take between 6 and 12 months. Please note that you can only apply for this grant if you have either the Dutch nationality or receive the Dutch Studiefinanciering.

  • Erasmus+

    An Erasmus+ loan is meant for students who will be doing a full Master’s programme abroad. With this loan, Erasmus would like to help students to cover the high costs for living expenses and tuition fees. This loan is not a replacement for a regular Erasmus+ scholarship.