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EPICUR European University

At the innovative EPICUR European university, you are at the centre. Compile your own portfolio of physical, virtual and blended courses in a wide range of subjects. You decide!

What can you expect from the programme?

The EPICUR European University offers an easily accessible international experience for students that is free of charge, easy to combine with your own schedule, with access to ECTS credits. Virtual, physical, or anything in between: the possibilities at the EPICUR European University are endless for you to shape according to your ambitions and needs.

As an UvA student you can attend the participating nine universities by choosing one or more courses in the field of European Languages & Cultures, Liberal Arts & Sciences, and Entrepreneurship. Check out the common course catalogue to find available courses.

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For you?

The EPICUR courses are available for all students that a) have an active enrolment at the UvA for the full duration of the chosen course; b) have obtained at least 60 ECTS in their current or previous academic endeavours.

Several courses might have additional entry requirements listed on the course catalogue, such as language proficiency. This is indicated in the course catalogue.

When and where?

The various courses in the EPICUR European countries run throughout the whole academic year, with varying dates and duration depending on the course and the university. The format of the various courses also varies: there are virtual, physical and blended opportunities and you can choose which fits your schedule.

How much time is required?

Depending on the number of courses you choose, you can combine EPICUR with your regular course load. For example, you might add a 6 ECTS course at one of the EPICUR universities to your regular schedule here at UvA. It is also possible to plan a full minor by choosing an existing learning pathway from the course catalogue, or by creating your own selection of courses.

What are the costs? And is a scholarship possible?

Studying in the EPICUR alliance is free for students with an active enrolment at UvA. If you would like to include physical elements in your study plan as well, you should prepare to pay for travel and such yourself.

Is this a credit-bearing programme?

Yes, you can gain ECTS credits for the courses you complete. In various courses, you shall also receive a micro-credential to showcase for example on LinkedIn.

How can you apply?

Applications for the courses in the EPICUR European University are entered directly on the Inter-University Campus platform, where you can log in with your UvANetID. Applications are open between 24 August and 18 September 2022. Results of the application shall be shared shortly after.

The application period starts in 2023. Please return to this page later for instructions on how to apply.

Apply in 5 steps:

  1. Check the course catalogue to find opportunities that match your ambitions and for which you meet the entry requirements.
  2. Read the Student Guidance Notes of the programmes you are interested in for information about what this programme entails and how to apply.
  3. Join the UvA Q&A, or send an email to in case something is unclear.
  4. Register for courses in the EPICUR Inter-University Campus platform during the open application period, from May 2023.
  5. Receive the results of the application soon after the application is closed.

Join the information session

There are several ways you can prepare for this experience: get well-informed, ask your last questions and talk to others, and make the most of your international experience through training.

  • EPICUR might be hosting more information sessions for all interested students. Check out the EPICUR website to find the latest information.
  • Join our (online) information session on 1 December 2022 16:00-17:00 CET, or 21 March 2023 16:00-17:00 CET (link will appear in due time) to find out if a programme matches your ambitions.
  • Register for workshops hosted by the Office of International Student Affairs to get helpful tips to overcome the challenges in applying, and how to prepare.


Please email us at in case you have any questions!