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U21 summer scholarships

With the U21 summer scholarships, you'll be able to spend a summer abroad studying at any of the 26 universities of the Universitas 21 partner network with a scholarship opportunity. Learn a new language, broaden or deepen your academic knowledge, or discover a new city.

What can you expect from the programme?

You can apply directly to a summer programme of your choice. As an Off The Beaten Track programme, you can apply here for extra guidance and reflective activities, as well as a scholarship. An overview of destinations and programmes is available on this page and will be updated half April.

Corona update: Since travelling is not possible due to the circumstances at hand, you can now only apply for virtual programmes. If you consider following a physical programme instead, may the situation allow this again, please contact our office before application. The final decision on allowing physical programs will be made by UvA halfway April. Please note that costs made for a physical program will not be refunded by UvA.

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For you?

All current UvA students are eligible. You are welcome to apply, as long as you have an active enrollment with UvA during the entire programme. Please note that you cannot apply for the U21 Scholarship if you want to follow a summer course in the Netherlands.

When and where?

The dates differ per programme. To be considered for the Off the Beaten Track programme and scholarship, your summer school should take place between May and August 2021.

How much time is required?

Most summer schools are full-time. However, this depends on the programme of your choice. You will also be invited for a preparatory event before and reflective event after the summer programme.

What are the costs? And is a scholarship possible?

The costs differ per program. Check what costs are involved in your program of choice (such as application fee, registration fee, accommodation, meals and visa et cetera).

The UvA offers students a need-based scholarship to cover (part of) the costs for the summer program. The scholarship will be granted to those students accepted to partake in the programme and will cover the application & admission fee. The UvA will refund the due amount, so expect to pay ahead. If this is a problem for you, let us know.

If you are awarded the scholarship, you will receive the grant only after you have received a notification of acceptance from your U21 university. It is your own responsibility to directly apply to the summer program offered by the U21 university of your choice

Is this a credit-bearing programme?

In most cases, it is possible to transfer the credits earned during your summer school. This depends on your host university and your current program at UvA. Contact your study advisor to inquire about the possibilities.

When and how can you apply?

The deadline is 1 May 2021, 17:00. Please use the 'U21 Summer Scholarship Application Form' and attach your most recent official transcript in (or translated to) English. You can send your complete application to Please make sure to mention Application U21 Summer Scholarship in the subject header.

Applying in 4 steps

  1. Use the U21 website and the ‘Destinations and Programmes’ overview to discover the destinations and offered programmes.
  2. Check the language and entry requirement and apply directly to the summer programme of your choice.
  3. Send in your online application for the U21 Summer Scholarship by email (deadline is 1 April 2021), using the form below. Do not forget to attach your most recent official transcript in English.
  4. You'll be informed about the outcome within a week from 1 April. 

Join the information session!

Be sure to join one of the information sessions to find out if this programme matches your ambitions to study abroad. You will also get helpful tips to overcome the challenges in applying.


The Office of International Student Affairs facilitates this programme. If you have any questions, you can email us at