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Nick Nauta (internship Huawei 2016)

Mathematics - Huawei Telecom

'Learning to become a more open-minded and understanding person.'

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Huawei 2016. Photo: Nick Nauta

The two-week programme was packed with exciting activities and events. The first week consisted of interactive language and culture classes at the Beijing Language and Culture University and tours to some of the most recognizable landmarks of China, like the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden Palace. In the second week we learned about the hardware behind our WiFi and 4G netwerks, as well as Huawei’s role in these technologies. When we weren’t in class, we spent our free time with other international interns.

I’ve created amazing memories and met a lot of awesome people. Some of them have become very close friends. I’ve been able to peek outside of my own academic area of mathematics into a different one: the area of ICT. This is a subject I knew very little about. Huawei provided me with a very accessible way to learn some interesting things about it.

I also learned a lot about the cultural differences between the Dutch and the Chinese. This was to me one of the best aspects of the internship - learning to become a more open-minded and understanding person.