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Joost Hoppenbrouwer (internship Infosys 2016)

Artificial Intelligence - Infosys InStep programme

'I discovered that Computer Vision definitely is my main interest within Artificial Intelligence.'

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Joost Hoppenbrouwer

In short - what was your internship about?

My internship project was called Multimodal Sentiment Analysis. This project is placed in the field of Artificial Intelligence and especially Computer Vision. The goal was to extract human emotions from videos. I spent most time on classifying the visual data while another intern tried to classify the audio extracted from the video. After we both developed separate systems, it was my job to combine them into a single application.

Were you able to put your academic knowledge and skills into practice?

Yes, and actually it was quite nice to be able to do so. While I personally think the Artificial Intelligence programme is pretty theoretic, it was a good practice to develop a useful, large-scale application. Also, academic skills like reading, writing, presenting and English were very useful for gathering as much knowledge as possible and for making yourself clear at all time.

What did the Internship Programme contribute to your overall academic learning experience?

Mostly, I learned what it takes to work in this field of study. In order to build a large-scale application which could be integrated in several systems, I had to seriously level up my programming skills. Next to this, I discovered that Computer Vision definitely is my main interest within AI.

What more did the Internship Programme bring you?

First of all, a lot of friends! I had a great time with my InfoSys colleagues and also with the other interns. Even though we came from all over the world, we managed to go out at night, or even for a whole weekend, and have an amazing time together. During the last week of my internship, I travelled around the Andaman Islands on my own and did my very first ever dive. This was an amazing experience which I wouldn't want to have missed.