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Conducting research abroad

If you are not interested in an exchange, but solely looking to conduct research at a university or institution abroad, first discuss this with the international officer of your faculty and the teachers/professors of your study program. They usually have international contacts and might be able to advise you.


Use your network, inquire if your professors can assist you, find research institutions that are active in your field and contact them directly. As soon as your research proposal solidifies, contact the international office of the host institution. If it concerns a partner university of the UvA, please also contact the International Office handling the agreement.


The Nederlandse Wetenschappelijke Instituten in het Buitenland (NIWB, or Dutch Scientific Institutes Abroad) are study and research centres that offer support for students seeking study, internship and research opportunities abroad. For more information about these institutes, please read the next menu.

Health and safety

Before leaving for your research project abroad it is advisable to make sure you are fully prepared. Did you arrange all the necessary travel documents? Did you visit your doctor for proper vaccinations? The following checklist lists the essential preparations to be made when you are about to do a research project abroad.

Conducting research during an exchange programme

Usually it is difficult to combine an exchange programme (following courses) with conducting research at a partner university. If you are interested in research during your study abroad, please contact the department handling the agreement as soon as possible (the Office of International Student Affairs or the international officer of your faculty). They are able to advise you whether the exchange agreement with the institution allows the option to conduct research.