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AIESEC is the biggest non-profit youth organization in the world, activating leadership in over 125 countries.

Develop your leadership through cross-cultural exchange

“It’s better to discover the world yourself, rather than learning about it only from other people.” Do you agree? If so, consider one of AIESEC’s cross-cultural experiences abroad during which you develop your leadership by becoming a world citizen. Our experiences include:

  • Internships (6 weeks to 18 months)
  • Volunteer work (6-8 weeks)

AIESEC was founded in 1948 with a vision of friendship and unity for the post-war society. The goal of AIESEC is to create mutual understanding of other countries and cultures by developing leadership in youth. We believe that young people are the key to a better future and contribute to our mission to achieve peace and fulfill human potential. Developing leadership in youth is not an option, but our responsibility. Will you join our movement?

Develop your leadership through a part-time position in Amsterdam

Don’t have the time to go abroad, or has corona cancelled your plans? Then develop your leadership as a part-time member (next to your studies) of AIESEC in Amsterdam. Positions in Exchange Participant Management, Acquisition, Marketing, and Account Management are ready for you to start in January. During your part-time board year, you will become more self-aware by finding your values and exploring your passions. You will also learn how to surpass challenges to become more solution oriented and empower others to achieve a purpose bigger than yourself. Interested?

AIESEC in Amsterdam is hiring!

Do you want to challenge yourself and grow together with others in an international environment? Then consider becoming a part of AIESEC in Amsterdam!

AIESEC is the largest youth-led, non-profit organisation in the world. It was founded after World War II, with the mission to develop responsible young leaders. For us, growing leadership means developing leadership qualities, like self-awareness and the ability to empower others. We do this by providing cross-cultural exchanges all over the world and by guiding those experiences. Do you want to develop your leadership qualities in an inclusive team?,
check out the information booklet here,
visit our website
apply via this link before November 15th
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