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Internship opportunities

Are you doing an internship abroad during your Psychology study? Then you might consider a research internship or a practical internship.

Research internship

You could think about setting up a research project abroad yourself, replicating research that has already been conducted in the Netherlands, or participating in ongoing research at a university abroad. It is important to discuss your plan with a lecturer of your programme group, as he/she will ultimately supervise and assess the course component concerned.

There are several ways to find an internship in order to conduct research. For example:

  • Approach a researcher yourself - for example, someone who has written an interesting article that you have read;
  • Via a UvA lecturer/researcher - ask him/her if they have interesting contacts abroad for you.
  • A specific country/city - look up universities, for example through the UvA World Map, and see if there are researchers who are conducting research which is of interest to you.
  • Internationalisation Coordination Point

Practical internship

For practical internships, you can try to find a placement with a business or institute abroad. You can approach (foreign) businesses directly or seek the help of an internship placement agency (which are often very expensive). Be aware that the internship has to meet the requirements of the UvA. For information about the internship requirements of your subject specialisation, please see the course catalogue and/or obtain information from the work placement coordinator of your specialisation. There is usually information available about the specific requirements the programme group has set for the graduation components of your study programme.

Even though it is possible in exceptional cases to do a practical internship abroad in clinical psychology, clinical neuropsychology or clinical development psychology, the Psychology Educational Institute strongly advises against this. If you have an important reason to do the clinical internship abroad (e.g. you have perfect command of a second language; you wish to do a healthcare degree programme in that country; you plan to emigrate or re-migrate to that country), then it is advisable to first contact the work placement coordinator of the Clinical Psychology, Clinical Neuropsychology or Clinical Developmental Psychology programme groups respectively.


In addition to the Erasmus grant, there is the Erasmus internship grant. Every year, a number of these internship grants are available to Psychology students. To find out about the conditions for the internship grant and application, please contact the Psychology Internationalisation Coordination Point.


For questions about an internship abroad, please visit us at the Internationalisation Coordination Point.