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Study abroad FAQ for orienting students

This FAQ is for orienting students who are planning to apply for an exchange or an internship.

  • Students who are already selected through the Global Exchange Programme can find a specific FAQ on the GEP Canvas.
  • Students selected through the Erasmus Programme can find a specific FAQ on the Erasmus Exchange Canvas.
  • Students who have already applied for an Erasmus Internship can find a specific FAQ on the Erasmus Internship Canvas (Launched on 1 January 2022).
  • For students who have been selected for Swiss universities, please go to FAQ on the SEMP Canvas.
  • Students selected for a faculty exchange will receive their FAQ in the information email of your International Office.

Though the situation around COVID-19 remains uncertain and subject to change, we hope the FAQs below will answer some of the questions you may have at this time. In case you have any remaining questions, please contact the Office of International Student Affairs (for Global Exchange programme), or your faculty’s International Office (for Erasmus/faculty exchanges).

  • Will there be exchanges in next academic year?

    We consider it important for students to be able to follow an exchange programme at a foreign university. However, no definitive decision has been made about next academic year. We expect a decision about next academic year during semester 2. If exchanges will be possible, we expect similar conditions as during the current academic year. The current strict conditions are:

    • There must be a positive travel advice (code green or yellow) for the destination (country or region) on the day of departure.
    • The partner university concerned must agree to the application of the UvA policy: the partner university must be willing and able to facilitate the exchange.
    • Registration and preparation for the exchange is at your own risk. If the code for a country or region is green or yellow during registration and preparation but changes to orange or red before departure, you cannot go on the exchange and any costs of visas, travel or other matters cannot be recovered from the UvA.
    • Work placements can also take place if there is a positive travel advice for the destination country and the host organisation can facilitate the work placement.

    If you have any questions about your specific exchange programme, please contact the Office of International Student Affairs (for Global Exchange programme), or your faculty’s International Office (for Erasmus/faculty exchanges).

  • How can COVID-19 still affect the exchange programmes during next academic year?

    We hope that the impact of COVID-19 will be minimal on exchanges taking place next academic year. However, we cannot make any guarantees in this regard. We are currently continuing with applications for the next academic year.

    Any decision affecting the exchange programme will made by the UvA Executive Board well in advance next academic year, but we are not able to give an exact date. Please note a partner university can also decide to cancel their exchange programme.

  • Are there any exceptions to this decision?

    Countries for which physical exchanges have already been explicitly cancelled either by the government or by decisions made by partner universities are not included. These exchanges will be cancelled. The affected students will be informed personally by email.

  • Where can I find information on the travel restrictions and country colour codes?

    More information on traveling abroad from the Netherlands can be found on the website of the Dutch Government. And you can read more about travel advice based on a country’s colour code on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • How should I prepare for my upcoming exchange?

    We advise students to refrain from incurring any costs on matters that are not strictly necessary (such as booking a flight). We expect students to take their own responsibility in meeting the specified conditions. Therefore, we urge students to regularly check the travel advice as provided by our Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Dutch only), and download the 24/7 Travel-app (in Dutch only). Additionally, keep in close contact with your International Office for information about the exchanges.

  • Why does the UvA not allow exchange programmes to continue if there is a negative travel advice (code orange/red) for a specific country?

    In case of a negative travel advice on the date of your departure, the exchange cannot take place. A negative travel advice means that the Dutch Government urges against traveling to that specific country.

    A negative travel advice can have implications on safety, health care and your studies. There is a significant chance of study delay if the partner university cannot guarantee the continuation of education due to corona measures. Furthermore, the UvA is not able to offer any (financial) assistance in case the situation deteriorates once you are abroad, and need or wish to leave the country or region you are in. Also, travel insurances are often not valid in countries with a negative travel advice.

  • Does the travel advice of the Dutch Ministry for Foreign Affairs apply to studies, or are studies considered as ‘necessary travels’ and does the travel advice therefore not apply?

    Study abroad activities such as an exchange or an internship does not fall under necessary travels. It is therefore not possible to do an exchange or internship in a country with a negative travel advice.

  • I am vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Can I still go on exchange, despite the negative travel advice for my exchange destination?

    No. The continuation of your exchange is based on the travel advice. An orange or red travel advice means that you cannot travel to your exchange destination, even if you are already vaccinated. We advise you to check the regulations around vaccinations and booster shots for the destination country you have in mind.

  • Should I also register for UvA courses for the semester I plan to be on exchange?

    Travel advice is subject to change and a country may impose certain conditions for inbound visitors/travelers, which may make it impossible to travel after all. As a back-up plan, it is therefore still important that you register for UvA courses for the semester you are planning to be abroad. We are calling on everyone to do so, just to be sure. Please do not forget to deregister for the UvA courses, once it is certain that your exchange abroad can take place.

  • Can I do an internship or a graduation project abroad in the next academic year?

    Individual internships and graduation projects abroad will not be cancelled in next academic year. Individual internships and graduation projects abroad are possible under the condition that:

    • A positive travel advice must apply to the country in which the internship takes place.

    The reason for this is that the UvA cannot meet the duty of care and insurance coverage requirements if there is a negative travel advice.

    If students have returned to their country of origin and have found an internship or research project in their city of residence, then that can go ahead. If students have returned to their country of origin and found an internship or research project outside of their city of residence, this may conflict with local COVID-19 regulations. The internship can then only take place after consultation about possible consequences and after the student has explicitly exempted their study programme from the UvA’s duty of care. This guideline for internships and graduation projects applies to both compulsory and non-compulsory parts of the curriculum.

    For more information and to request the UvA student indemnity form for damage resulting from internship / research abroad with travel restrictions, please contact the relevant International Offices.

  • Where can I find more info on applying for an Erasmus+ grant?

    The application procedure for an Erasmus+ grant for exchanges and internships start at your faculty’s International Office.

  • I am an international UvA student currently residing in my home country, and I am planning to attend a UvA exchange in another country. Does the Dutch travel advice still apply to me?

    The travel advice and colour codes of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs are leading for the UvA’s policy in such cases (not the travel advice of other countries).