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Study Abroad

Faculty of Science

Do you want to study abroad? Are you looking to extend your horizon? Experience an unforgettable adventure? Sample a new language, culture and country? Get a leg up on job competitors who haven't spent any time abroad?

Erasmus+ Exchange programme & grants
This programme aims to give students the opportunity to study a semester in another EU country.
Global Exchange Programme
The Global Exchange Programme includes over 90 universities outside Europe. Students of all disciplines are eligible for these exchange programmes unless the host university applies certain restrictions.
Other possibilities
Short stay
If you do not want to study abroad for a semester or a year, consider joining a short term programme for a few days or weeks.
Master Abroad (non-UvA)
Are you thinking about enrolling for a full Master's programme abroad? Read about how to choose and prepare.
Exchange Ambassador Programme
Meet local and international students | Play an international role representing the University of Amsterdam | Expand you volunteer experiences | Take part in a meaningful project | Joint the UvA international student community