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Some of the most frequently asked questions and the answers to them

  • Am I eligible to study abroad?

    In order to study abroad, you must have a GPA of 7.0 or higher and must earn at least 120 credits by the time of your departure. If you are currently a second year student who would like to study abroad in their third year, you must be on track to have completed 120 credits by the end of your second year.

  • Where can I study abroad?

    PPLE students may choose at a wide range of universities around the world. You can see what destinations are available via the Digital World Map. Law and Politics majors may also apply to some destinations open to Law and Politics bachelor students. Please contact the PPLE Exchange Office for further information.

  • If I am nominated to study at a university abroad, can I cancel at a later date?

    If there is a serious reason (i.e. family matters, illness, emergency, safety concerns in host country, etc.) why you can no longer go on exchange, you may cancel your nomination. Depending on how late you cancel, this may mean that this exchange spot will go unused as it is too late for other students to apply. When you apply for an exchange nomination, you should be prepared to attend the exchange. It is not advised that you apply for an exchange and then, after you are accepted, decide whether or not you will go.

  • Can I apply to multiple exchange destinations?

    If you are applying for an exchange at a university outside of Europe through the Global Exchange Program, you may only apply to one university at a time. If you are applying for an Erasmus exchange, you may apply to up to two different universities. You will be asked to indicate your preference.

  • I want to study at a university that is not on the digital world map. Can that be arranged?

    It is not recommended to study at a university that does not have a partnership agreement with the UvA or PPLE. Students who wish to study at a university that is not on the digital world map must arrange the exchange themselves with the host university. You will need to pay tuition fees to the host university directly and, depending on when you would like go abroad, you may also need to pay PPLE tuition fees as well.