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Selection process

The selection is carried out by a selection committee, under the supervision of International Student Affairs and conducted by student advisors/counsellors working at Student Services or at one of the faculties.

You will hear the results of the selection two weeks after the application round. This can be positive or negative. This page will provide insight into the next steps to follow after a rejection or nomination. At the bottom of this page you will also find a description of the activities you can expect when you are abroad or when you return from abroad.

Rejected, what now?

In case you are rejected for an earmarked spot, you are still eligible to apply for this programme again during the second or third round. In case you are rejected and you decide to apply again for the next round, we advise you to attend the Feedback meeting for general tips on improving your application.

Nominated, what now?

In case of a positive result, you will receive instructions to confirm the nomination through an online form. This form will list several information meetings to offer support in preparing your exchange. During these meetings you will also meet other nominated students of the Global Exchange Programme. You will also be added to a group on Blackboard that provides all the information needed to prepare you step-by-step for your exchange.

While abroad

Most partner institutions host introductions and orientations for exchange students. Even though these events are usually not mandatory, we advise you strongly to participate. Not only will you receive an introduction about the culture, country, city and university, it is also the perfect opportunity to meet other prospective students.

Just like the UvA organises a study abroad event once a year (Study Abroad Fair), foreign universities host similar events. It is possible that you are contacted during your stay to assist at such a Study Abroad Fair. Usually you will be asked to explain students of the host university about studying abroad and specifically the UvA. The more international students study at UvA, the more places we have available for UvA students to study abroad. In case you are approached by the host international office, please contact the Office of International Student Affairs (BIS).

Upon your return

After returning to your home country, some students may experience reverse culture shock. You miss the international vibe of the exchange programme (the people, the climate, the country, the city) and you want to go back. Fortunately, there are several international activities in Amsterdam to alleviate the return.

International Student Network Amsterdam (ISN)

Even when you are back in the Netherlands, you can meet international students and experience other cultures. Yearly around 1,200 international students visit the UvA and the International Student Network (ISN) caters to their social needs and they promote the integration of foreign students. You can support their cause by becoming a coach or buddy, participate in an activity committee or become a board member. For more information about a year as a board member, the activity committees or becoming a coach check the ISN website and Facebook page.

Global Exchange Ambassador Programme

The exchange programme is built on reciprocity, it is therefore very important to promote the Global Exchange Programme to our incoming and outgoing exchange students. International Student Affairs (BIS) trusts on the honest perspective and talent of our exchange students and hope that they are willing to help us promote their own (host) university. For more information please visit the website: