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Before departure

Global Exchange Programme

Placed for the Global Exchange Programme, what next?

In case of a positive result, you will receive further information about your participation in the Global Exchange Programme by e-mail. This will include a number of information meetings that will support you in your further preparations. During these meetings you will meet your fellow students who are also placed for the Global Exchange Programme.

To help you prepare for your exchange we offer various online resources:

Three online courses to equip you with everything you need to make a smooth transition to your host country and institution:

  • Module 4: Health & Wellbeing. Learn what you can do to improve your health and wellbeing before your mobility.
  • Module 5: Practical Advice. Find practical advice how to prepare for your mobility.
  • Module 6: Culture Shock. Find out the differences between your home and study abroad destination and tips how to embrace the new culture.

You will also be added to a more practical Canvas Course, in which you will find general information about studying abroad and specific information about your exchange destination.

Please note, that a positive application result does not mean that you have been accepted by your host university yet. After a positive application result, the Office of International Student Affairs will inform you further about your specific application at the host university. In due time, you can read more information on this matter in the Canvas Course.

In the event that your exchange is cancelled by either the University of Amsterdam, or by the host university, we will not be able to offer you an alternative exchange placement. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for all details.

While abroad

Most partner institutions offer introduction and orientation days for exchange students. Even though these events are usually not mandatory, we strongly advise you to participate. Not only will you receive an introduction about the culture, country, city, and university, it is also the perfect opportunity to meet other prospective students.

Just like the UvA organises a Study Abroad Fair once a year, foreign universities host similar events. It is possible that you are contacted, either by the UvA or by your host university, during your stay to assist at such a Study Abroad Fair. Usually you will be asked to explain students of the host university about studying abroad and specifically the UvA. The more international students study at UvA, the more spots we have available for UvA students to study abroad. In case you are approached by the host university’s international office, please contact the Office of International Student Affairs (BIS) for more information and promotion materials.

The University of Amsterdam also provides helpful online resources for students during their time abroad:

  • Module 7: Reflective Thinking & Making the Most of Your Time Abroad! Learn how to make the best out of your time abroad and reflect on your experiences.
  • Module 8: Supporting Student Crisis. Find out what you can do when a crisis situation occurs.
  • Module 9: Dealing With Problems While Abroad. Discover issues students face while abroad and learn how to overcome them.

Upon your return

There is a specific website dedicated to help students who are returning from their study abroad experience. You can attend a ‘Welcome Back Event’, sign up for our award winning ambassador programme, join the student organisation ESN Amsterdam, or follow some of the other suggestions to help you unpack and capitalize on your experience.