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Global Exchange Programme

In order to apply for a Global Exchange Programme, first make sure to read thoroughly all the information on the webpage ‘Orientation’. You can continue your application by reading the information below.

General requirements

  • You have obtained at least 120 ECTS at the start of your exchange.
  • 2 exceptions: Students at Amsterdam University College (AUC) should have obtained at least 120 ECTS for an Autumn/semester 1 exchange, or 90 ECTS for a Spring/semester 2 exchange, prior to departure. And students at the Faculty of Economics and Business should have obtained at least 90 ECTS prior to departure.
  • Master’s students from the Faculty of Law cannot apply for the Global Exchange Programme.
  • You are registered at the UvA as a full-time student by the time your exchange begins. Students participating in the pilot Flexible Learning are excluded from the Global Exchange Programme.
  • You have obtained official approval from your faculty, by means of an Academic Approval.
  • You meet additional conditions set by the host university, such as a required grade point average, access to the required level or access to a faculty specific destination. You can find these conditions per destination in the digital world map.

Also check our FAQ for further explanation.

Application rounds

There are three application rounds for the Global Exchange Programme:

  • Round 1: starts 1 November and ends 1 December at 17:00. Applications for semester 1, semester 2 and full year.
  • Round 2: starts 24 December and ends 15 January at 17:00. Applications for semester 1, semester 2 and full year.
  • Round 3: starts 1 June and ends 15 June at 17:00 (with reservation). Applications for semester 2.

Please note:

  • Not all universities of the Global Exchange Programme are automatically available in each application round.
  • Certain destinations may already be filled up after round 1 (and 2). For each round, an updated destination-overview is published with the number of available spots
  • The overview of possible destinations for the first round will be made available on 1 November, the overview of the second round after 20 December and the overview of the third round after 31 May.

Application procedure

To apply, you must submit a completed online application via the digital world map. A complete file consists of:

  • Completed online application (including the filled in reflective questions)
  • Upload of a signed ‘Academic Approval Form’ (AAF)

With the Academic Approval Form (AAF) you obtain permission from your faculty/UvA study programme to apply for the Global Exchange Programme. Without this signed form, your application will not be processed. By means of the AAF your faculty declares that you have obtained sufficient credits to apply. For further information, see the explanation on the AAF.

Start the application

  • During the application rounds, you will find the link to the online application in the Digital World Map through the ‘Apply Now’ button. Please note, this only works for Global Exchange Programme destinations.
  • The Application Guide provides information on the deadlines and clear instructions on submitting your application.

Placement procedure

You can find more information about the placement procedure on the webpage Placement.

Need help?

overview listed by theme, with a short explanation per activity, so you can determine what is most valueble for you.

Have you read all the information and do you still have questions? Please read our FAQ or contact the Office of International Student Affairs.