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The UvA offers students various options to study abroad. The easiest option is through an exchange programme, where students are exchanged with students of a partner university.

  • Digital World Map: grand overview

    On the digital world map you will find an overview of all exchange programmes, and you can check the type of agreement between the UvA and the host university. You can also find more information about the registration criteria selecting either the Faculty or Global Programmes.

  • Outside Europe: Global Exchange Programme

    The Global Exchange Programme includes over 90 universities outside Europe. This means that UvA students from all study disciplines are eligible for these exchange programmes, unless the host university has set limits.

    Please note: Master’s students at the Faculty of Law are not able to register for the Global Exchange Programme.

  • Within Europe: The Erasmus + programme

    Every faculty/department has its own network of partner universities in the Erasmus programme. For more info about the Erasmus programme contact your own faculty international office.


    • You need to be enrolled at the UvA and paid your tuition fees.
    • For the Erasmus scholarship you will need to follow a study or internship programme of at least 3 months.
    • Please note that the Faculty of Law imposes additional requirements.
    • Students who are nominated will be eligible for an Erasmus scholarship.
  • QTEM: for Economics & Business

    The University of Amsterdam is a founding member of the expanding Network Master's programme in Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management (QTEM). This programme is an ambitious and selective programme for our outstanding students.

  • Abroad on your own: full Master’s

    You can choose not to go abroad within an arranged exchange, but independently. For example, if you want to go to a university that has no exchange agreement with the UvA, or if you want to do a full master abroad. On this page you can read how you can orientate and prepare for a Master’s programme abroad.

  • Exchange Ambassador Programme

    Upon return of your exchange, the UvA offers you the unique opportunity to apply for the Exchange Ambassador Programme. As an ambassador of one of the UvA’s partner universities, you’ll help other students with their cultural preparations and you’ll organise exchange events. In return, you will receive a certificate and training to develop your professional skills.