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Erasmus Exchange

The College of Social Sciences (CSW) has reached agreements with over 100 partner institutions on student exchanges within the Erasmus programme. In principle, you will apply to an exchange partner within your own discipline/field of study.

Most partner institutions (certainly the majority) will expect you to attend courses within the discipline/field of study that you are already pursuing. Destinations in the general network are open to all Collge of Social Sciences students. At these partner universities, it will be easier for you to select courses outside your own discipline and sometimes even outside the Social Sciences. On the worldmap, it is indicated per university for which study/discipline an exchange agreement exists. Within Erasmus it is sometimes possible to accept students from a different study/discipline. You can contact the International Office Social Sciences about this.

Quick facts on destinations.
The Digital World Map contains information on exchanges specific to each partner university. This information is subject to change: no rights may be derived from these quick facts. We recommend that you consult the website of the partner university in question on a regular basis.

See the list of destinations below for more information and a direct link to the Erasmus page for the university of your choice.


Update destinations Erasmus+ Exchange Programme Social Sciences, round 2
The available destinations and places have been finalised! Please consult the full overview of available partner universities, disciplines and places by clicking on the link below. 

Erasmus+ Exchange Programme Social Sciences - Round 2


Update Brexit and the Erasmus+ programme
We are delighted to announce that it is still possible to participate in an Erasmus+ exchange programme with one of our partner universities in the United Kingdom, during the academic year 2021-2022.

Furthermore, students are also eligible to apply to the Erasmus+ grant for UK destinations during the academic year 2021-2022.