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Study abroad

Main Library of the University of Vienna. Reading hall

Students pursuing a research master's degree

Research master's students in Information Law and Public International Law may apply for an exchange during the third semester of their programme. Students should consult their coordinator beforehand to discuss destinations and choice of coursework.

Research master students are guaranteed a spot, but since a selective procedure is involved, their first or even second choice may not necessarily be granted.

Students pursuing a Master's degree

The Amsterdam Law School yearly offers 20 Master’s students the possibility to spend one semester abroad. Strict conditions must be met by students interested in this opportunity.

Conditions exchange master's students (1 year)

  • Exchange is open to Dutch and international Master’s students;
  • Places in the Global Exchange Programme are not available to Master's students in law;
  • You may not be enrolled in more than one Master’s programme;
  • International students may not apply for exchange opportunities in their country of origin;
  • Up to twenty students can be selected for a Master’s exchange programme. If more than twenty students apply, a selection on the basis of grade point average will take place;
  • The selection of bachelor and reserach master's students precedes the selection of master's students;
  • You must fulfil all requirements of the partner university concerning language and grade point average;
  • You must have obtained 48 EC by 15 June 2019 (if starting the Master’s programme on 1 September 2018). If you have not obtained 48 EC by that date, the exchange opportunity will be withdrawn;
  • In case of withdrawal of the exchange opportunity, any preparations and expenses made by the student are non-refundable and for risk of the student;
  • The student agrees to apply for his/her diploma within the academic year in which he/she returns from the exchange.
  • The combined length of your LLM programme and semester exchange may not exceed two years.