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After selection

Nomination and registration at the partner university

Once you have been selected, the International Office will present your nomination to the partner university and keep you informed during the rest of the procedure.  Partner universities will frequently, but not always, contact applicants with regard to their own application procedures. Keep an eye on the partner university’s website for new developments! In addition, it is important that you respect the registration deadlines of the university you will be attending. In some cases, failure to meet a deadline will disqualify you from participation in the exchange programme. You are only certain of being able to study at the partner university once you have been officially accepted there!

One or two months before departure you will be invited to attend the pre-departure meeting where we will discuss a the final practical matters.

Approval by the Board of Examiners

Research Master’s students

For research master's students it is imperative that you have the courses you are planning to take at the host university approved by the Examinations Board of the Amsterdam Law School prior to departure. Use the form below.

Generally speaking, you can take any course on offer with the exception of courses that are already included in the curriculum of your research master's programme at the Amsterdam Law School. You cannot take courses for which you have already obtained credit, or courses for which you lack the necessary prerequisite knowledge.

Read more about the approval process for elective courses on the Amsterdam Law School’s student website

Master’s students

If you would like to have extracurricular coursework (i. e. any extra coursework in addition to the usual 60 EC curriculum of your master’s program) entered into the extracurricular area of the supplement to your diploma, the Examinations Board must give permission beforehand.

Host university courses on your diploma

If you would like to have the components of the curriculum completed at a foreign university count towards your Master's degree, you must submit a statement from the university in question that specifies which components were completed successfully, and the applicable course load.

If a foreign university does not use the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS, 60 credits per year), the foreign university in question must express the course load of the components obtained as a percentage of the course load for an entire academic year.

The Examinations Board of the Amsterdam Law School is the only body authorised to approve coursework completed abroad and to subsequently determine the appropriate number of credits. Statements made by the foreign institution itself in this regard have no legal effect.


The Examinations Board does not adopt grades or any other type of assessment awarded by other institutions, and confines itself to issuing an assessment of ‘satisfactory’.