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A successful international exchange starts with choosing a suitable destination.

"Enjoy the country you are staying in and make sure not to limit yourself to the city you're studying in. And, when choosing a university, also take a good look at the courses they have on offer, whether there are courses you really want to take. Studying abroad is a lot more fun if you also enjoy the academic side."

- Marit van Ree after her exchange at the University of Hull

Within Europe (Erasmus Programme)

The Faculty of Humanities maintains Erasmus+ exchange agreements with more than ninety partner universities throughout Europe. If you go to the Digital World Map --> university of your choosing --> factsheet, you will find more information about the type of exchange agreement that exists between the UvA and the university of your choosing.  In the file below you will find the destinations of year 2021-2022, round 3. Please note that less destinations are available during the third application round.

Or view the 2021-2022 destinations per field of study. Please note that the number available spots might be less accurate due to the Covid-19 pandemic. These lists will not be updated for round 3, so please check the complete overview above for your information.

Destinations - ACASA (PDF)
Destinations - Arts and Culture (PDF)
Destinations - European Studies (PDF)
Destinations - History (PDF)
Destinations - Languages (PDF)
Destinations - Media Studies (PDF)
Destinations - Philosophy (PDF)
​​​​​Destinations - Religious Studies (PDF)

The majority of the partner universities expect you to take courses from within your own discipline/study programme. Make sure you take a good look at the fact sheet of the university of your choice to determine which study area is connected with the exchange agreement. 

If you would like to take courses from other study areas, we advise you to pre-emptively ask your partner university about this. In that case, you will be aware of the situation before you actually go abroad.


We hope to provide you with further information on future Erasmus+ exchange possibilities in the UK soon. For updates, go to:

Nuffic - Brexit
Europese Commissie - Brexit & Erasmus

After you have chosen a destination for your Erasmus exchange, your next step will be to actually apply for your exchange. To do so, please visit this page: 

Outside of Europe (Global Exchange Programme)

The destinations outside of Europe are coordinated by the Office of International Student Affairs, in their Global Exchange Programme. 

Please take note: You can register for the two faculty exchange destinations (Moscow and Sydney), or for UvA-wide exchanges that are accessible to students of all faculties. The application procedure is handled by the Office of International Student Affairs.

Earlier deadlines apply for destinations of the Global Exchange Programme. Find out more via the link below: