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Economics and Business: Erasmus+ Exchange Programme

Study abroad within Europe

Your studies at UvA Economics and Business prepare you for a future career in an international environment. Joining the Erasmus+ Exchange Programme is a major step towards that goal. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity! It will might very well be the best time spent during your life as a student. So...where are you going?

Important information regarding exchanges in 2020-2021

All UvA exchange programmes in 2020-2021 academic year have been cancelled. This applies to both incoming and outgoing exchange students, regardless of the destination.

Possible alternatives will vary per student and host university, and could range from postponing the exchange, participating in a virtual exchange, taking a minor, electives or a project course at the UvA or other Dutch university.

We hope the exchange an internship programmes scheduled for the 1st semester of the 2021-2022 academic year will be able to go ahead.

Corona FAQ webpage for more information.

Erasmus+ Exchange selection criteria and entry requirements

  • You have to be registered as a full time student at the University of Amsterdam and accordingly pay tuition fee (Flexible Learning / Flexstuderen not allowed during the entire exchange period).
  • Bachelor’s students should have obtained at least 90 EC at the moment of departure, including the first year of the BSc.
  • Master’s students should have met all the requirements of their master’s programme (obtained 60 EC, including master’s thesis).
  • Motivation
  • Grade average minimum around 7 ( An official UvA-transcript in English is obtainable at the Student Service Desk. If applicable also your hbo transcripts of studies at another faculty/university in The Netherlands or abroad are required.)
  • A balanced study progress
  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume (Word). Please use this format for the Erasmus Exchange Programme Application 
  • Indication of the courses you want to follow abroad

Erasmus+ Exchange Programme

This programme aims to give students the opportunity to study a semester in another EU country. Participating in the Erasmus+ Exchange will give you the chance to get to know another country, a new culture and language. Living and studying abroad will enrich you with new and exciting experiences. As a student of UvA Economics and Business, you have the opportunity to study at one of our excellent European partner universities. The Erasmus+ Exchange Programme is funded by the European Commission.

When to study abroad

Bachelor’s students
Most bachelor’s programme offer the possibility to study abroad during the first semester of the third year. The advantage is that you can study abroad AND won't have any delay in graduation. Please visit the online course catalogue to see which programmes / specialisations offer this opportunity.

If you have missed the opportunity in the third year of your bachelor's programme, you can go on an exchange after you have fullfilled all the requirements of the programme, by adding an extra semester. This is also an option for students of the Bachelor Fiscale Economie and Actuarial Science.

Master’s students
As a master’s student you  are allowed to study abroad if you have finished your 60 EC curriculum (including all mandatory courses and the thesis) within 12 months. You can add an extra semester to your regular master’s programme to be able to study abroad. In that case, graduation for your master's programme will take 1.5 years instead of 1 year.

Erasmus+ grant

Students who are admitted into the Erasmus+ Exchange programme are eligible to receive the Erasmus+ grant, which is offered by the European Commission. The Erasmus+ grant helps you to cover additional living and travel costs during your stay abroad. The grant amount is determined annually by Nuffic, the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education, and depends on your destination (country).

More information on the Erasmus+ grant