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Economics and Business: Erasmus+ Exchange Programme

Erasmus+ destinations

Economics and Business

The Erasmus+ Exchange Programme is an exchange programme of the European Union.

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Erasmus+ Exchange Programme

This programme aims to give students the opportunity to study a semester in another EU country. Participating in the Erasmus+ Exchange will give you the chance to get to know another country, a new culture and language. Living and studying abroad will enrich you with new and exciting experiences. : Participating in the Erasmus+ exchange programme, you have the opportunity to study at one of our excellent European partner universities. All of our Erasmus+ partner universities offer English taught courses.

Erasmus+ exchange destinations

Important  information for international students: If you apply for an exchange destination in your home country or country of origin (or country you have previously lived in for a longer period), you will have a lower priority than other students applying for the same destination.

For an overview of the available Erasmus+ partner universities of UvA Economics and Business please open the pdf below.

Digital World Map

The digital world map shows all Economics and Business/UvA exchange destinations in one grand overview. On the world map you will find all available exchange agreements worldwide, using the parameter 'Faculty of Economics and Business' or by destination. 

To make your selection for a university out of all the possible destinations, it is helpful to look at the factsheets of the universities abroad. These factsheets give you practical information on unique factors, available courses for Erasmus students, housing facilities and needed budget of every partner university. 

For every European destination, you can find information regarding the partner university:

  • a short description 
  • a downloadable factsheet (pdf) 
  • the website link