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Economics and Business: Erasmus+ Exchange Programme

After selection

You're ready to go!

On this page you can find all information for matters you need to attend to after you are selected for the Erasmus+ programme or the QTEM programme.

Registration at UvA and the exchange university

  • Your host university will send you an email with instructions regarding their registration procedure and other information regarding practical arrangements (registration, course selection, housing, insurance, etc.)
  • After receiving the information from your host university, you can follow their instructions and register before the indicated deadline.
  • If you have questions regarding the registration procedure or the courses of the partner university, you can best contact the  universities' International / Incoming Exchange Office.
  • If you have not received any information regarding your exchange university 2/3 months before your planned departure, you need to contact the Economics & Business Exchange Office via the digital contact form.
  • Wait with making arrangements regarding your room in Amsterdam, your job and your ticket, etc., until you have received confirmation from the university abroad.
  • If your exchange starts in September, it is important regarding your registration as UvA-student and your tuition fee for UvA, that you're registered at an address in the Netherlands and at the 'Gemeentelijke Basisadministratie (GBA)' on 30 September.

Courses abroad

  • The host university will inform you on the courses that are available to you as exchange student.
  • Before applying for courses at your host university: please read the course approval information sheet below carefully. It contains important information regarding course selection at your host university and course approval procedure of the UvA Economics and Business Examinations Board.

Erasmus grant

  • The Exchange Office will apply for the Erasmus+ grant for the selected Economics & Business Erasmus outgoing exchange students, but can't guarantee the grant will be available. The amount depends on your destination. 
  • In order to be eligible for the Erasmus+ grant, you have to have a permanent residence permit or your nationality has to be of one of the EU member states.

Learn more about costs and grants.

Economics & Business Ambassador

When you receive the Erasmus+ grant, you become a Economics & Business Ambassador. This means:

We will ask your help for several activities regarding the exchanges. This will take around 15/20 hours of your time during the academic year of the exchange and the following academic year.

The activities are informative for (prospective) exchange students and promotional and can range from:

  • Attendance as UvA-representative at the exchange fair of your university abroad to promote studying at UvA Economics and Business
  • Sharing your experience as exchange student at UvA EB exchange information meetings, during classes  and via email/meeting students
  • Mentoring for an incoming exchange student to show the student around at UvA EB
  • Joining exchange student meets student drinks to provide information on your university abroad
  • Distributing flyers to promote the UvA EB exchanges
  • Promoting exchange possibilities at the Bachelor's Fair

If you want te become even more involved, you can apply for the Exchange Ambassador programme.

Email addresses ‘experienced students’ and student reports

  • Students who have studied a period abroad are the best 'first hand' information source.
  • It is common that our experienced students inform the new candidates.
  • Please contact the Exchange Office to get in contact with experienced exchange students.


Selected students will be enrolled in the Erasmus+ Canvas site.

  • On Canvas you can find information about everything you need to know as an Erasmus+ exchange student, like the contract, grant, learning agreement, Online Linguistic Support, etc.
  • Also you can find email addresses of other UvA students who are also going to the university or city were you are selected for.

International Student Network

  • The International Student Network (ISN) organises activities for the exchange students who are studying at the UvA.
  • The ISN provides every student with a mentor. The mentor helps the exchange student when he/she first arrives, with getting settled, showing the student around at the university and help with any problems.
  • If you like to make contact with students coming from the university where you are planning to study or where you have studied, you can sign up as a mentor for an exchange student.

Pre-departure meeting

Every semester, before departure, the Exchange Office organises a Q&A meeting (only for E&B-students). Also a pre-departure meeting is organized (for E&B and all UvA-students).

  • You will get a short overview of things you need to (have) arrange(d).
  • You can meet other students who have been selected to go on an exchange within the Erasmus Programme, share information and arrange/plan your exchange together.

The Exchange Office will send you an invitation for this meeting. 
If you are selected for an exchange in the first semester, you will be invited to the meeting in the Spring.
If you are selected for an exchange in the second semester, you will be invited for the pre departure meeting in the Fall.

Extra elements of attention for international students who are going on an exchange

  • Visa: depending on the nationality of the student, a visa to be able to study in the exchange country is needed. Students need to inform themselves in time at the embassy of the country where they are going about the requirements.
  • Residence permit for The Netherlands: Make sure to check whether your Dutch residence permit is still valid upon your return to the Netherlands. If not, please make sure to extend it at least two months before your leave. Information on extensions can be found on
  • Passport: Make sure that your passport is not (going) to expire while you are abroad. If you do not arrange that in time and before leaving, you might be obliged to travel to your country of origin to arrange your passport before you are allowed to enter The Netherlands.
  • Housing:

-Your Dutch residence permit, if applicable, is connected to your registration with the municipality. Therefore do not deregister from the municipality when you go on exchange.
-For students who are renting their room from De Key or De Alliantie via the University of Amsterdam it is best to give up their room via If you need housing again when you return to Amsterdam, you can apply for a new room via

  • Health insurance: Students have to check if their health insurance is also valid in the country where they are going to on the exchange. It might also be needed to expand the insurance.

Pre-departure check list

The below list gives you an idea of the things you will have to arrange. The list is not exclusive.

Documents and photocopies to bring with you:

  • Passport (make sure it is at least 3 months valid)
  • Visa (if needed)
  • Letter of acceptance of the university abroad
  • Drivers license
  • Ticket
  • Bank card/credit card (make sure the cards are not expiring while you are abroad. Using your creditcard can be expensive), emergency funds (for example for rent bail, cash payments for the dentist, doctors visit, etc.)
  • Insurance papers
  • Receipts of expensive equipment (laptop) might be needed at customs
  • Address book, including emergency numbers bank and insurance, address and contact info guest university, embassy's address, contact info UvA

Important advice

Make 2 photocopies of all these documents. Bring one set with you, leave another set at home. Or scan the documents and email them to yourself.


Check health insurance, travel insurance and liability (WA) in time.