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Communication Science

College of Communication

What can I do?

Communication Science students have the opportunity to spend time abroad as part of their degree. You can take elective courses at a foreign university (through an exchange programme), do an internship abroad, or take part in a summer school. Note that the study abroad opportunities for Master’s students are limited.

Studying abroad (Bachelor and Master)

A general requirement for all exchange programmes is to be registered as a full-time student at the University of Amsterdam. The exchange period normally lasts 5 months (1 semester). To learn about the opportunities, see 'Destinations'. In Europe, the only destination open for Master’s students is Freie Universität Berlin.

Internship abroad (Bachelor)

It is also possible to do your Bachelor’s internship abroad. An internship abroad offers you the possibility of getting to know a different country or culture. Furthermore, staying abroad for a while is of course also great fun. On the following websites you will find information about internships abroad:

Short term programmes abroad (Bachelor and Master)

If you would prefer not to go abroad for an entire semester, you can also choose to apply for a summer school.

Full Master abroad

Perhaps you are considering to do a full Master’s programme abroad after you have finished the Bachelor’s or Master’s of Communication Science. You can find information/tips about the opportunities on the page ‘Master Abroad’.