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Study abroad: overview

Are you considering studying abroad? Or are you already admitted to a host university? We are committed to assisting you at each stage of your journey, from orientation to pre-departure, to your stay abroad, and after mobility.

Make the world your classroom. Study abroad!

Explore the variety of programmes on  and research the different destinations on To support you in your quest to study abroad, the Office of International Student Affairs (BIS) organises a range of activities.

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photo: Bouke Bentvelsen

Orientation activities: what can you do?

The activities below will help you explore your options and choose a specific programme.

Placed: how to start your preparation

Once you’ve been placed or selected for a certain program, you might welcome help with completing your host university application. You can also count on support with making the necessary arrangements in preparation for your study abroad:


These sessions, workshops and events will support you with your final arrangements:

During mobility: how to make the most of my study abroad experience

While you are abroad, the host university will have a broad range of support services. You will also have access to a UvA Canvas page that provides all the information needed if you run into any difficulties. Topics include information on culture shock, health and travel insurance, medical and money matters, and support during a crisis.

After mobility: how to build on your experience and share what you have learnt

Upon returning home students sometimes need to comply with procedures outlined by their programme. Also, it will take some time to adjust to being back home again. To support you after your mobility programme you will find useful information on your UvA Canvas page and you can sign up for the UvA Exchange Ambassador Programme: