Volunteer work in over 125 countries

Do you want to make an impact on society and develop yourself at the same time? Travel abroad and work with AIESEC as a volunteer!

Largest non-profit student organisation

AIESEC is the biggest non-profit student organisation in the world, activating leadership in over 125 countries. Through short-term volunteering projects, students have the chance to deveop themselves on both a professional and personal level. With personal coaching, more than 65 years of experience and a worldwide network, we aim to enhance cross-cultural understanding and develop leadership qualities among today’s youth.

Would you like to volunteer in Asia, South-America or Europe? Our database offers 8000 projects worldwide, with endles possibilities to go abroad for 6 to 8 weeks and make an impact.

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Curious about what AIESEC has to offer?

Go to and experience the endless possibilities AIESEC has to offer, or visit our information hour every Monday from 17.00 til 18.00 in CREA, room 4.10!

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Published by  Studenten Services

9 August 2016