Career orientation: overview

for international and Dutch students

Throughout the year, the UvA Student Careers Centre offers information sessions, workshops and training courses, for both Dutch and international students.

Below, you can find all workshops, training courses and information sessions for both international and Dutch students.

If you are Dutch or you have sufficient command of the Dutch language, you can find the full programme in Dutch.

Assessment (workshop in English)

Be prepared on your Assessment day(s).

Most large graduate employers use assessment centres as a key component of their recruitment process. An assessment centre carries out a detailed examination of your suitability for a job, which can take anything from half a day to two days. Many smaller and medium sized employers also use some assessment or selection exercises within their decision-making process to assist them in selecting the most suitable candidates.

For you, the candidate, success at this stage of the process is a very important step towards being offered the job. Knowing what happens at assessment centres, and why, will help you feel well prepared and confident on the day itself.

CV & Motivation (information session in English)

Make sure you land the job interview.

How to present yourself authentically and competent on paper? A focused, well-presented CV and motivation letter will grab the reader's attention and make them want to find out more about you. It’s a chance to make a good professional (first) impression.

This information session focuses on understanding job descriptions and customising your CV and motivation letter to make sure you land the job interview you are going for.

Job interview practice (coaching in English)

Practice with a career coach.

Do you have a job interview coming up? Get the right preparation and go to your interview with confidence.

You have applied for a graduate job or an internship and you have past the first hurdle: they liked your cover letter and CV, and now they would like to meet you in person. How can you make sure you can be yourself in the interview and show what you have to offer and why you are suited to the position?

Most effective job search strategy (workshop in English)

Discover the reach of your connections.

Finding a suitable internship or job requires more than searching for vacancies on job boards and in journals. It also requires talking to people to get information about your labour market.

What are the trends in this field? What does a specific role look like? How do you become visible for decision makers? What is the procedure to hire people?


If you are Dutch or have sufficient command of the Dutch language, you can also join the Dutch workshop De meest effectieve strategie voor werk vinden.

Profiling yourself on LinkedIn (workshop in English)

How to make an appealing LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is becoming more and more important in finding a job. It is a key source of information for recruiters who are increasingly finding suitable candidates via LinkedIn. A LinkedIn profile is your public CV, which allows you to present yourself and shows possible employers which jobs you are open to.

Transferable skills (workshop in English)

Get insight into the skills you have acquired.

As well as gaining knowledge during your study programme, you will also have acquired a range of skills, both within and outside the programme itself. You will be able to use most of these skills in new situations, which is why they are called transferable skills.

The workshop is held in English and is intended for both international and Dutch students.

Understanding the Dutch Graduate Labour Market (information session in English)

Get a head start on your graduate career in the Netherlands.

If you are about to graduate, you may be considering starting or continuing your career in the Netherlands. If you are not yet familiar with the Dutch labour market, a general understanding of its characteristics will help you start your job search.

Your professional profile (workshop in English)

Identify your unique combination of strengths, interests and motivation to help you find a job that suits you.

Finding the right job for you requires two things: insight into labour market opportunities and a thorough understanding of what you are aiming for in your career. What is your unique combination of strengths, motivations and interests? In this workshop, we explore what matters to you in your career and what you have to offer. 

Published by  Studenten Services

26 October 2017