Erasmus Traineeships

Will you be doing an internship or conducting research at a research institute or university within Europe? If so, then you are probably eligible for an Erasmus grant.

Erasmus Traineeship application procedure

Students who will be doing an internship or research project within the EU/EEA are in many cases eligible for an Erasmus+ scholarship (Erasmus Traineeship grant) as a contribution to the addtional living and travel costs. The general grant amount is determined by the Dutch National Agency, the Nuffic, and is linked to the country of destination.

For 2017-2018, the UvA has been able to pay out a grant to all students who were selected for an Erasmus+ grant for a maximum of 110 days (less than 7 months abroad) or 140 (more than 7 months abroad) days during their stay abroad. We hope that we will also be able to achieve this for 2018-2019. However, the European Commission and the Nuffic will only announce how much Erasmus+ money the UvA can spend in the summer of 2018. This means that we will only know shortly before the 2018-2019 academic year begins if we can award a grant to all selected students, what the amount of the grant will be and how this can be related to the duration of the stay abroad.  The grant amounts are, in any case, related to the country groups, as determined by the European Commission.

For more information please go to our Erasmus+ website.


Below you can read more about the requirements for the Erasmus grant and how you can apply.


  • You will remain enrolled at the UvA;
  • Your activities abroad must be part of your study and you must receive credits for them;
  • You will stay abroad for your study for a minimum of 2 months;
  • The internship/research abroad will be full time (36-40 hours per week);
  • The institute where you will be conducting research is prepared to sign a Learning Agreement for Traineeships.

The following is also important to consider:

  •  You can apply for an Erasmus grant for studies//internship for a maximum of 12 months during your bachelor and a maximum of 12 months during your master.


The advised deadline is 1 June of the academic year prior to the year of departure.

It is understandable that the recommended deadline is not feasible for everyone, as it is not always possible to get an internship/research placement months ahead. Applications filed after the advised deadlines will therefore also be processed. Please note that during the course of the academic year the chances of an Erasmus grant may decrease as we work  according to the first come, first serve principle.

The deadline in this case is one month before the research project / research program starts.


You can only apply after you have arranged a research project abroad and the institute for which you will be conducting research is prepared to sign a Learning Agreement for Traineeships beforehand. To find out whether or not the institute you are planning to go to is willing to do this you can use the example of the Learning Agreement for Traineeships

The application procedure starts through filling out an online application form (see link below). When filling out this form you will need to upload an approval of the board of examiners for your intended research/internship abroad. If you do not already have this approval, you can fill out the form now and email the approval later to the email address mentioned below.

After this, the procedure is as follows:

  • After submitting your application, you will receive the latest version of the Learning Agreement for Traineeships, which has to be filled out and signed by you, the Faculty exchange coordinator (Selma Kujundzic) and your supervisor abroad. This signed document needs to be sent back to the faculty exchange coordinator before your departure. 
  • Additionally you will receive the Erasmuscontract. The contract will be sent to you by the Bureau of International Student affairs (BIS). You will be informed of all of this in due time, once you have applied.

Upon your return

  • At the end of your stay abroad, you need to have the last part of the Learning Agreement for Traineeships ('after mobility' part) filled out by your supervisor abroad. This document needs to be handed in at the faculty exchange coordinator within two weeks after the end of your period abroad.
  • You are required submit a report on your stay abroad with the Bureau of International Student affairs (BIS). BIS will inform you about this report.


Internship/research outside EU/EEA

If you will be doing an internship or research project outside the EU/EEA, you can apply for a (travel) grant from the Amsterdam University Fund. For more information on the requirements for applicaiton and the deadlines of the Amsterdam University Fund use the link below.


If one of the above-mentioned steps is unclear or you have other questions, you can contact Selma Kujundzic via the email address below, or visit the open office consultation hours: 

  • Thursday from 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00  
  • FNWI Education Service Centre, Science Park 904, Amsterdam

Published by  Faculty of Science

19 April 2018