Study Abroad

The UvA offers students various options to study abroad. The easiest option is through an exchange programme, where students are exchanged with students of a partner university.

There are numerous reasons to spend part of your study in a foreign country:

  • It is a good addition to your resume
  • You will be introduced to a different educational system
  • You build an international network
  • It is beneficial to your personal development
  • You enrich your knowledge of other cultures.

Within Europe

Every faculty/department has its own network of partner universities in the Erasmus programme. For more info about the Erasmus programme contact your own faculty international office.


  • You need to be enrolled at the UvA and paid your tuition fees.
  • For the Erasmus scholarship you will need to follow a study or internship programme of at least 3 months.
  • Please note that the Faculty of Law imposes additional requirements.
  • Students who are nominated will be eligible for an Erasmus scholarship.

Erasmus links


It is important to know which department within the UvA coordinates which programme and who is able to inform you about it. The options vary in duration, destination and activity abroad.

Outside Europe: Global Exchange Programme

The Global Exchange Programme counts more than 90 universities outside Europe. This means that students from all study areas are eligible to apply for this exchange programme, except if the partner university set restrictions. Please note that Master’s students from the Faculty of Law cannot apply for the Global Exchange Programme.

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Students who are now studying abroad will give you a tour and tell you about their experiences (language: Dutch; source:

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28 August 2018