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As an Economics & Business student you are enjoying education to prepare you for a future career in an international environment. Joining one of the international exchange programmes of Economics & Business/UvA is a major step towards that goal. Make sure you don't miss this wonderful opportunity! It will be the best time spent during your life as a student. So...where are you going?

The QTEM Programme

The University of Amsterdam is a founding member of the expanding Network Master's programme in Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management (QTEM). This programme is an ambitious and selective programme for our outstanding students. To enter the programme you:

  • must have taken part in your 3rd Bachelor's year in an international exchange programme for at least 1 semester  or enrolled as a International student in the International Master's programme.
  • must have obtained at least 30 EC during that exchange programme
  • are enrolled in one of the Master's Business Administration, Accountancy & Control, Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance, Economics, Econometrics, Business Economics or Finance at the University of Amsterdam.

If you don't meet these requirements, don't worry, you can still go on a Erasmus Exchange in Europe or on a Global Exchange!

QTEM Network

The QTEM network currently consists of 21 top business schools across the world. QTEM brings together outstanding students, academic institutions and top international corporations.

Each academic institution brings corporate partners in to the network. QTEM students will get exclusive access to the corporate partners. Find more information about QTEM via the links below. 

Please note that the requirements mentioned in the QTEM brochure and on the QTEM website are general requirements. The specific requirements for Economics & Business students (UvA) are mentioned on these pages.

Published by  Economics and Business

9 January 2018