Master Abroad

Are you thinking about enrolling for a full master abroad? On this page you will read how to choose and prepare for a master programme abroad.

Start on time

Playing with the idea to follow a master abroad, also known as a free mover? Then make sure you start on time with your orientation. Count on at least a year of preparation between the first orientation and your actual departure to the university of your choice.


You organise a full master abroad yourself. As a freemover you deregister (unenrol) at the UvA and you enrol at the university of your choice. All other practical matters are also organised by yourself. This is the difference with an exchange programme.

As an exchange student you are enrolled at the UvA and you follow bachelor or master courses abroad without obtaining a degree. As freemover you are enrolled at the university abroad and you follow a complete programme to obtain a degree. Although you arrange everything yourself, employees of the University of Amsterdam can advise you in this process. Read the Guidelines Master Abroad to know what you are expected to do

  • for orientation on the possibilities,
  • making a choice and
  • the practical preparation.

Erasmus+ loan

From January 2015, you can apply for an Erasmus+ loan to finance your stay for a full master abroad. Please note that you will need to have the Dutch nationality.

Need help?

Do you have questions after reading the Guidelines and the 10 reasons to choose a master abroad? Then contact Student Services for advice and guidance.

  • With Student Counsellors you can discuss practical questions about grants, scholarships and other financial matters.
  • International Student Affairs (BIS) will offer general information about studying abroad and application processes at other universities. They can also inform you about opportunities with UvA partner universities and in the international network of the UvA .
  • The Career Counsellors of the Student Careers Centre will guide you with orientation and making a choice. During a consult you gain more insight into your own situation and you are better able to find answers to the questions you may have. With them you can discuss whether obtaining a degree abroad will suit you and what the added value is in relation to your career.

Published by  Studenten Services

28 September 2015