Global Exchange Programme

The Global Exchange Programme includes over 90 universities outside Europe. Students of all disciplines are eligible for these exchange programmes unless the host university applies certain restrictions.

In 5 steps towards your application

  1. Choose a university through the Digital World Map
  2. Choose your courses (note that this is always a wishlist of courses)
  3. Make a financial budget of your expenses and income
  4.  Check the language requirements
  5. Send in your online application (during the application period)

Entrance requirements, duration, number of students

The agreement between University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the host university specifies the entrance requirements, possible study areas, the duration of the exchange and the number of students who are to be exchanged. UvA students are required to pay tuition to the University of Amsterdam and do not need to pay tuition to the host university.

Make a choice and submit your application

The Destinations menu lists detailed information about the participating universities in the Global Exchange Programme and tools to make a choice. If you found a suitable destination, you can start the online application. Have you read all the information and you still have questions? Please contact the Student Service Desk. In the ‘contact’ menu there is a web form to ask a question and you will find tools for general and complex questions.

Published by  Studenten Services

9 November 2017