In order to apply for a Global Exchange Programme, make sure you have thoroughly read all the information about the university of your choice in the menu ‘Destinations’. Then you may proceed to read the selection procedure and check whether your destination is available during the next deadline. If so, you are ready to start the online application and collect the necessary additional documentation.

General requirements

  • You have obtained at least 120 ECTS
  • You are registered at the UvA as a full-time student by the time your exchange begins
  • You are officially approved by your faculty by means of an Academic Approval
  • PLEASE NOTE: Master’s students from the Faculty of Law cannot apply for the Global Exchange Programme.

Selection Procedure

During the application round, the Office of International Student Affair (BIS) takes in applications and after a selection procedue BIS will nominate students for an exchange at their partner university. Although students are seldom rejected by host institutions, the final decision to accept nominated students as exchange students, is theirs.

All applications are reviewed with a so called point system. Points can be earned in different parts of the application. Your application will be judged on the content of the motivation letter, your CV (Resume), your academic progress, study pace and average marks. Furthermore, the relevance of your intended studies abroad to your programme at the UvA will be taken in account.

Check your possibilities

BIS does not regard the academic fit in your study programme, for this you need to consult your academic advisor and/or international office of your faculty. Also, it is your own responsibility to check whether your wishes for the exchange fall within the set opportunities of the exchange as can be found on the digital world map.

Application rounds

There are two application rounds for the Global Exchange Programme, in January and February. Please note that not all universities of the programme are automatically available in each application round. Download the overview of possible destinations for the upcoming application round below and check whether the university of your choice is included. The overview of the second round will be made available after 20 January.

  • Round 1: starts 5 January at 9:00 and ends 10 January at 17:00
  • Round 2: starts 1 February at 9:00 and ends 6 February at 17:00

Available places

Applicants with the highest scores (total amount of points from the Selection Committee) will be granted a spot as exchange student, depending on the number of available slots that the partner university has allocated to the UvA.

The application round overview also indicates the chance of placement and if there are slots reserved for students from a specific faculty/department. The chances of being selected vary per destination. It all depends upon available spots and the popularity of the universities in question.

Online application and result

To apply for a Global Exchange Programme, you need to create a personal online application. Selection will take place based on this application (between 10 and 20 January and between 1 and 6 February). BIS will email the results for round one 23 January 1, and for round two 23 February.

The following documents are required:

  • Résumé (please use the format given below, the resumé should be written in English)
  • Academic Approval Form (download the form and follow the given instructions)
  • Official transcripts (please upload a transcript of all institutions you studied at after high school)
  • Diplomas and Certificates (and if needed, a plan of action for language requirements)

Start the application

  • The application guide provides clear instructions on submitting your application. Make sure to download the latest version for round two below
  • For questions we organise two extra walk-in consultation hours:  
    • Thursday 2 February, 17.00-18.00 in REC-C1.02
    • Monday 6 February, 9.00-10.00  in REC-C1.02
  • Between 5  and 10 January and between 1 and 6 February, you will find the online application in the Digital World Map through the ‘Apply Now’ button. Please note, this only works for Global Exchange Programme destinations.
  • The deadlines and practical instructions can be found in the application guide.

Published by  Studenten Services

6 February 2017