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What are your options?

Reasons to spend part of your study abroad:
• It’s a good addition to your resume • You’ll be introduced to a different educational system • You’ll build an international network • It’s beneficial to your personal development • You’ll enrich your knowledge of other cultures
The UvA offers students various options to study abroad for a semester or a whole year through an exchange programme, where students are exchanged with students of a partner university.
Short term
Is a semester or a year abroad too long? A short term programme of a few days or several weeks, like a language course or a summer school, may be a solution.
Internships & Research
An internship abroad is a unique way to bring your theoretical knowledge into practice, gain work experience, increase your network and your chances on the labour market.
Practical matters
Keep in mind that studying abroad often costs more than staying at home and that you need to make the necessary preparations. In the menu Practical matters you will find information and tips related to Financial matters, Language, Visa, Accommodation, Insurance and more.

Erasmus Exchange

Improve your language skills and get to know Europe. Choose an exchange destination within Europe and receive an Erasmus grant.

Global Short Term

If you do not want to study abroad for a semester or a year, check out the short term options to study abroad a few days or couple of weeks.

Digital World Map

Find an overview of all exchange destinations for your study programme or select a country and find out who administers the agreement.
Erasmus+ Charter
The University of Amsterdam participates in the Erasmus+ programme and holds an Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education
Get a quick overview of all possibilities.